excavation Excavation
ground preparation Ground preparation
base Base

Construction and preparation

We excavate according to the type of surface you require and the condition and the ground we are working with, for example soft ground will need a much thicker base then a firmer ground with a minimum of 200 mm as standard.

Ground preparation 
Next the ground needs to be compacted on a large area this will be done using a vibrating roller on smaller areas a vibrating compactor plate is used. At this point any soft ground can be filled with aggregates and compacted in, and any drainage can now be installed.

With the ground prepared the base can now be installed. Without a properly compacted base the finished surface will sink given time. At Urban paving Bristol we understand the importance of this part of the construction process and always make sure that the base we are installing is completely firm by compacting several times.

Block paved surface
For our driveways we now need to concrete the edges in and give the shape of the area being paved, our team of pavers can now get to work screeding a 40 mm layer of quarry dust, then laying paving blocks. Once all the whole blocks are laid they will start on the cuts this is a time consuming process but great care is taken to ensure the area being compacted fits perfectly into the edges. Now ready to be compacted this is done using a vibrating plate compactor it will be compacted several times to ensure a solid finish. Now the small joints can be filled using kiln dry sand not only does this give an attractive finish but it will also make the paving firmer. Once the joints are filled you can use your new drive.

Flagstone or slab surface
Flagstones or slabs are laid on a wet sand and cement or concrete mix between 20-50 mm usually starting from the house leaving a 100 mm gap this is then filled with gravel and will prevent water splashing on the surface and going above your damp proof course. Using a pattern chosen by the client we slab to the edge of the area being paved, and then cut the slabs to fit the shape of the area required. Once laid and given time for the cement to harden we can now point the paving with a choice of different colours to suit the flagstones or slabs being used.

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